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Highway Transports, which is the most basic transportation method of logistics and prepares the ground for other transportation routes....

It is called the transportation of heavy loads or goods by loading them on cargo ships....

Airways Transporting has developed technology in recent years....

Partial literally means part, not whole.....


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Who are we?

Trans 81 International Shipping

Even though we are a company operating in 2020 with our experienced and expert employees within the scope of our company headquartered in Düzce, the foundations of our company date back to the 1970s. O tarihten itibaren süre gelen nakliye sektöründeki engin bilgi ve tecrübelerimizle gerek yurt içi gerek yurt dışı faaliyetlerimizle gelişen lojistik hizmetlerle 2020 yılında şirket olmanın ilk adımlarını atarak Trans81 lojistik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. olarak kurulmuştur.


We are operating in order to provide the best and highest quality service to our valued customers by gaining different experiences every day with 20 tow trucks and 20 trailers in our structure.


In addition to these, we are able to provide a fast and direct solution to your problems, by following all of our vehicles in our fleet 24/7 with our tracking devices for your assurance.



Trans 81


Trans 81

Why U.S?


International Logistics

In the commercial world, where production and needs are reshaped almost every day, logistics companies have started to produce services that provide added value, not just limited to the work they do. In this way, the logistics sector, which has an undeniable importance, has made even greater progress and has become one of the most important parts of the change in the commercial world. While innovations in the field of international transportation make most of the changes in production methods feasible, new transportation routes and methods shorten production times. influenced their business models. The logistics strategies and supply chains of the companies have become the measure of how efficiently they can deliver their products and services to their customers.

Highway Transports and Benefits

Providing direct transportation between production and consumption points in freight transportation, providing flexibility in carrying capacity and route selection, transporting part loads more easily and up to certain distances. Highway Transports, which stands out with its main benefits such as, came to the fore with the development of the automotive industry in the 20th century, started to increase rapidly after the Second World War and was used more frequently until that time. It has become competitive with rail and maritime transport systems. After the energy crisis in the 1970s was overcome, Highway Transports continued its upward trend in the 1980s, and in the 2000s, many It has become the dominant transportation system in many developed and developing countries.

Project Freight Logistics

Logistics is a coordinated activity where many components come together, requiring careful scrutiny of every detail and planning is essential. Because in logistics, it is essential to solve a different problem each time. And each solution has a different way of going. Although these features of logistics are important for all cargoes that need to be transported, especially When it comes to Project Transportation, these issues come to the fore once more. Because Project Transportation is heavy, bulky, It requires the transportation of bulky (too long, too wide or too high) loads defined as out of gauge. This type of cargo is generally used in public/private sector factories, refineries, mining, energy, construction, etc. It covers the materials, devices or equipment required for infrastructure investments. In project logistics, in addition to transportation operations, there are also complex logistics operations and tasks such as special distribution, warehousing or handling from the customer.


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